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list of ngo

Andres Soriano Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: ASFI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Lemia L Simbulan Designation: Executive Director Address: A Soriano Aviation Hangar, Andrews Avenue, Pasay City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 831-9941 / 831-5398 Fax Number: (63)(2) 834-0872 Email Address: assgrp@codewan.com.ph
To operationalize Don Andres Soriano's business philosophy which is "to couple financial stability with extraordinary public service - service that is expressed in terms of serving the national welfare."
To conduct and/or fund studies on scientific, technological, economic, and social problems; and fund scholarship and professional chairs in these fields;
To promote social, economic and environmental programs with emphasis on community self-development especially of the rural areas by dessiminating information and educational campaigns on the practical application of the research results and current technological community development methods and procedures; and
To promote, support and fund projects in agriculture, forestry, fishery and industry, which would promote and benefit the public interest.
Program Development and Management Assistance (PDMA) It aims to assist organizations and communities develop their capability (both in terms and skills and structures) to operate and manage social-development iniatives.
Scholarship Program It aims to assist organizations and communities enrich their human resources by development expertise which are critical to their socio-economic growth.
Research and Development Assistance Program It aims to promote the conduct of studies and application of results of researches in agriculture, fishery, the environment, enterprises, forestry and management.

Appropriate Technology Center for Rural Development
Acronym: ATCRD Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Mimi Santos Address: P.O. Box 7368 Airmail Distribution Center, Domestic Airport Post Office, Domestic Road, Pasay City 1300 Telephone No.: (63)(2) 928-1951

Asian Alliance Of Appropriate Technology Practitioners, Inc.
Acronym: APPROTECH Asia Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Lilia O. Ramos Designation: Executive Director Address: G/F PSDC Bldg., Real Corner Magallanes Sts., Intramuros 1002 Manila Telephone No.: (63)(2) 527-6514 / 527-3477 Fax Number: (63)(2) 527-3744 Email Address: aptechmnl@phil.gn.apc.org Website Address: http://www.pins.ph.net/aptec
To improve the quality of life of the common people by empowering them to utilize, indigenize and safeguard resources.
to promote and facilitate the exchange/transfer of appropriate technology utilizing the latest and most effective information technology for international understanding and cooperation;
to stimulate, facilitate and educate poticy-makers, planners and practitioners on sustainable development issues and policies for advocacy with government and policy-making groups as well as develop effective networking strategies and mechanisms for cooperation and sharing; and
to encourage the development, promotion and sharing of technical "know-how" among village organizations including management skills in managing people, financial resources end results of researches to meet people's needs.
Projects and Services
Appropriate Technology Development and Promotion
Women in Science and Technology
Water and Sanitation
Information Technology
Livelihood Technology Program (LIVETECH)
Professional Consultant's Program
A.T. Training Center and Library

Asian NGO Coalition
Acronym: ANGOC Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Roel R. Ravanera Designation: Executive Director Address: P.O. Box 3107 QCCPO 1103, Quezon City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 929-3019 / 433-7653 / 433-7654 Fax Number: (63)(2) 920-7434 Email Address: angoc@angoc.ngo.ph Website Address: /angoc/ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION
In 1998 ANGOC declared its all-out commitment to food security in its strategic action plan for 1998-2001. It launched a project designed to enhance food security in 200 Asian rural communities by securing for them greater access to productive resources, promoting resource conservation and empowering them to make economic and political decisions that affect their day-to-day lives.
ANGOC's Strategy to achieve this goal is three-pronged.
Capacity building. This strategy is designed to "Strengthened" the network and to prepare it for the task it has taken on . It would need an efficient and effective management information system (MIS), greater involvement from its member, and financial stability.
Policy advocacy. ANGOC realized early on that just one wrong-headed policy or law could wipe out many year's worth of hard-won gains. Hence, there should be no let-up in efforts to secure policy reforms that favor or support equitable land or resource redistribution, sustainable agriculture and people's participation.
Strategic networking. This involves maintaining and cultivating partnership and alliances at the global, regional, national and local levels.
Food Security
Agrarian Reform and Resource Rights
Sustainable Agriculture and Resource Management
Participatory Local Governance

Bantay Kalikasan
Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Marlo Mendoza Address: ABS-CBN Foundation, Mother Ignacia Avenue, Quezon City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 410-9670 / 925-3333 / 925-5555 Fax Number: (63)(2) 925-3333 / 925-55555 Email Address: kalikasan@abs-cbn.com
Catholic Media Network
Acronym: CMN Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Fr. Francis Lucas Designation: President / CEO Address: 2307 Pedro Gil Street, Santa Ana, Manila Telephone No.: (63)(2)563-7313 / 563-7316 Fax No.: (63)(2) 563-7327 Email Address: cmn@psdn.org.ph Website Address: /cmn
Center for Agrarian Reform and Rural Development
Acronym: CARRD Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Oscar Castillo Designation: Executive Director Address: 22 Matipid St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City TeleFax No.: (63)(2) 536-5040 Email Address: cdsf@earthling.net

Center for Alternative Development Initiatives
Acronym: CADI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Nicanor Perlas Designation: President Address: 110 Sct. Rallos, Timog, Quezon City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 928-3986 / 928-7608 Fax Number: (63)(2) 928-7608 Email Address: cadi@info.com.ph
Center for Community Services
Acronym: CCS Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Ruth Canlas Designation: Executive Director Address: Social Development Complex, Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City Tel No.: (63)(2) 426-5997 TeleFax No.: (63)(2) 426-5997
Center for Economic and Policy Research
Acronym: CEPR Type of Organization: Research / Academe Head of the Organization: Bienvenido Alano Designation: President Address: 2nd Floor ZETA Bldg., Salcedo St., Legazpi Village, Makati City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 635-5201 to 5 Fax Number: (63)(2) 633-9786 Email Address: paeap@mozcom.com
To be active partners in the national efforts to achieve sustained economic growth, thriving on industrial efficiency and competitiveness, and based on sustainable management of the country's resources.

Center for Environmental Concerns
Acronym: CEC Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Roberto Guevarra Address: 175-B Kamias Road Extension, Quezon City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 920-9099 Fax Number: (63)(2) 921-1531 Email Address: cec@psdn.org.ph robguevarra@iname.com Website Address: /cec
Established in 1989, the Center's main objectives are to promote awarenesss, knowledge and use of environmental protection and rehabilitation concepts and technologies, as well as conduct research and develop protection and rehabilitation models.
· EDUCATIONAL WORK in the form of trainors' training, curriculum development, grassroots and sectoral workshops on environmental actions and other specialized topics;
· RESEARCH on environmentally harmful technologies and their alternatives together with rehabilitation strategies for environmentally degraded communities;
· ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT together with affected communities;
· DEVELOPMENT OF SOCIO-ECOLOGICAL COMMUNITIES to serve as models for environmental rehabilitation;
· COMPILATION AND DISSEMINATION OF INFORMATION on environmental issues for the use of partners and concerned researchers; and
· FACILITATION OF VOLUNTEER WORK in different non-government organizations and people's organizations for local and foreign individuals and groups.
· Education and Training Department (ETD) - Basic Environmental Awareness to Action courses - Specialized courses
· Ecological Studies and Management Department (ESMD) - Integrated Evaluation System - Environmental Policy Studies - Administration Unit

Citizen's Disaster Response Center
Acronym: CDRC Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Zenaida Delica Address: No. 18 Cabanatuan Road, Phil-Am Homes, West Avenue, Quezon City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 924-0386

Clean and Green Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: CGFI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Imelda Sarmiento Executive Director: Executive Director Address: 2/F FEBT Bldg. 3, Muralla St. cor. Solana, Intramuros, Manila Telephone No.: (63)(2) 528-0504 / 528-0976 / 527-4390 Fax Number: (63)(2) 528-0491 Email Address: cgfi@epic.net

Comprehensive Research Program on Population and Development - Demographic Research and Development Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: CRP-POPDEV Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Dr. Corazon M. Raymundo Designation: Project Director Address: c/o UP Population Institute, Rm. 232 Palma Hall University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City TeleFax No.: (63)(2) 920-5402 Email Address: crp@psdn.org.ph
The CRP is a program of major initiatives in research and training on population and development integration in support of policy making, planning, and program development and implementation.
Trailblazing Approaches
The CRP follows a project framework that focuses on two tracks of activities:
· Institutional Strengthening for Research. This track hopes to increase and improve the pool of experts through: - M. A. Demography Fellowships - Short-term training in POPDEV
· Research Implementation. The Population Management Program community in the Philippines has identified several topics as priorities: - Data Development Initiatives (DDI) - Population Integration into Existing Policy and Evaluation Instruments - POPDEV Policy Issues

Cooperative Foundation Philippines, Inc.
Acronym: CFPI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Horacio "Boy" Morales Designation: Executive Director Address: 3 Maunawain St., Brgy. Pinyahan, Central District, Quezon City Fax Number: (63)(2) 921-2042 Email Address: cfpi@pw.net angkoop@pw.net
CFPI envisions a united, productive and empowered Cooperative Sector which will be a major pillar in the economic, social and political development of the Philippines.
CFPI advocates innovative approaches and models empowerment, unity, and productivity of cooperatives along the frameworks of social justice and sustainable development.
To provide strategic leadership in the advocacy of innovative models to achieve sustained solidarity, improved socio-economic and political leverage of the Cooperative Sector in the Philippines.
To develop and promote social and economic approaches and systems, based on the local experiences and relevant current theories, which will increase the business productivity and improve the leadership and management cooperatives; and
To develop pilot models of cooperative organizing and development in selected areas and sectors.
Corporate Network for Disaster Response
Acronym: CNDR Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Alberto A. Lim Designation: President Address: Unit 606 City and Land Megaplaza, ADB Avenue cor Garnet Street, Ortigas Complex, Pasig City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 687-0944 Fax Number: (63)(2) 634-5538 Email Address: cndr@psdn.org.ph Website: http://www.cndr.phABOUT THE ORGANIZATION
To build a voluntary alliance of private corporations, business associations and corporate foundations, operating in the Philippines which engages in disaster prevention, mitigation and preparedness programs and mobilizes timely and appropriate responses to man-made and natural disasters.
To mobilize the corporate sector to respond to natural and human made disasters and hazards;
To incorporate the pioneering efforts of its members in facilitating business sector participation in disaster management; and
To provide means for the business sector to collaborate with government, non-government organizations and international agencies for effective delivery of disaster management services.
Implementation of Bayanihan - building multi-sectoral partnerships for disaster Preparedness, Mitigation and Prevention (PMP) Program
Emergency Response Program - Provision of disaster relief assistance; - Provision of rehabilitation projects like shelter assistance project, etc; - Organization of provincial command centers/local networks headed by member; and organizations who will provide immediate relief assistance in the disaster stricken areas.
Alliance Building Program - Conduct of symposia/seminars for member corporations, partner organizations and local networks; - Production and distribution of newsletters, annual reports and; - Provision of technical assistance to member corporations, partner organizatios and local networks.
Earthsavers' Movement
Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Roger Birosel Address: Unit 1203 Gotesco Regency Twin Tower B, Concepcion Ermita, Manila Telephone No.: (63)(2) 894-1327 Fax Numbers: (63)(2) 819-3494 Email Address: esm@pworld.net.ph

Earth Station Writers' & Artists' Collective, Inc.
Acronym: Earth Station Address: #30 Biak-na-Bato St, Santol, Quezon City TeleFax No.: (63)(2) 715-2862 Email Address: earthsta@psdn.org.ph

Environmental Broadcast Circle
Acronym: EBC Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Elizabeth Roxas Address: c/o PFRB 4/F NIA Bldg. A, Edsa, Quezon City 1100 Telephone No.: (0917) 536-9454 Fax Number: (63)(2) 642-2128 Email Address: bethcebc@epic.net Website Address: /ebc
The Environmental Broadcast Circle (EBC) envisions the development of:
· a community of broadcasters concerned about the environment and committed to the task of educating the public about sustainable development;
· a Filipino public that is aware of and concerned about the conservation, protection and renewal of the environment;
empowered communities that are provided with choices of action for sustainable development.
The Environmental Broadcast Circle (EBC) aims to:
link sectors and communities with broadcast media to surface their issues and initiatives concerning sustainable development
· package understandable, scientific, concise, and varied information to assist broadcasters in the preparation of comprehensive and balanced programs in support of sustainable development
provide venues for networking of environmental broadcasters for exchange of information, views and resources.

Environmental Center of the Philippines Foundation
Acronym: ECPF Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Gregorio L. Magdaraog Designation: President Address: Room 317 Philippine Social Science Center Building (PSSC), Commonwealth Avenue Diliman, Quezon City Fax Number: (63)(2) 453-7412 Email Address: ecpf@mnl.sequel.net
To protect and improve the environment to a quality which permits a life of dignity and well-being
To safeguard, through rational palnning and management, the natural resources of the country including air, water, land, flora and fauna for the benefit of the present and future generations
To preserve the heritage of wildlife and its habitat which are now threatened by adverse factors
To produce, improve or restore vital renewable resources in order to maintain the capacity of the earth and to safeguard against depletion of non-renewable resources
To prevent, minimize or render harmless the discharge of pollutants to the environment in order to avoid irreversible damage upon the ecosystems which are harmful to human health, living resources and marine life
To ensure a favorable living and working environment by creating conditions which are necessary for the improvement of the quality life
To obtain maximum social, economic and environmental benefits by judicious planning of human settlements, with due concern for demographic policies
To identify, avoid and control environmental risks and seek the solution of environmental problems through science and technology
To broaden the base for an enlightened opinion and responsible conduct by individuals, enterprises and consumers in protecting and improving the environment in its full dimension by eduaction in environmental matters.
To promote scientific research and development on national, regional and international level to support and assist free flow of scientific information and to make available the knowledge derived therefrom

Environmental Education Center
Acronym: EEC Type of Organization: NGO Address: Miriam College Foundation, Inc. Katipunan Road, Diliman, Quezon City TeleFax Number: (63)(2) 920-5093 Email Address: eerc@psdn.org.ph
ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION VisionThe EEC envisions the development of a public who: as children of God, are stewards of His creation, as Filipino citizens, are aware of and who advocate the need for ecological balance and sustainable development; and as individuals, practice environmental protection in their daily lives.Mission
EEC aims to provide assistance in environmental education efforts of Miriam College and in environmental movement.
The main concern is education, focusing on training, curriculum development, instructional materials and research.
As part of the environmental movement, it involves itself in activities that promote ecological balance and sustainable development.
Environmental Legal Defense
Acronym: ENDEFENSE Type of Organization: NGO Address: 340 Villamor St., Pinaglabanan, San Juan, Metro Manila Email Address: endefense@phil.gn.apc.org
To respond systematically to increasing incidents of violence, harassment, intimidation and other actions directed against individuals, communities and organizations involved in the defense of environment; and
To support other organizations and individuals who are at the forefront of defending these environmental frontliners in the legal area.
To create mechanisms that will support individual lawyers, allies, legal and non-government organizations, people and community organizations committed to defending and protecting the biodiversity of the Philippines' natural resources.

Foundation for Development Alternatives, Inc.
Acronym: FDA Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Lita Asis Designation: Executive Director Address: 77-A. Rosa Alvero St., Loyola Heights, Quezon City TeleFax No.: (63)(2) 433-6495 Email Address: fdagen@info.com.ph
Foundation for the Philippine Environment
Acronym: FPE Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Julio Galvez Tan Designation: Executive Director Address: 77 Matahimik St., West Teacher's Village, Quezon City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 927-2186 / 927-9403 / 926-9629 Fax Number: (63)(2) 922-3022 Email Address: fpe@infonet.com
To put up a massive effort to address environmental problems that will involve all Filipinos, particularly at the grassroots, and their partners in the international community.
To help reverse the destruction of the Philippine natural resource base through a strategic and integrated conservation program.
To provide financial resources needed to strengthen and support non-governmental organizations (NGOs), people's organizations (POs) and communities to enable them to be proactive and capable agents of biological diversity conservation and sustainable development.
To initiate, assit and finance biological diversity conservation and sustainable development activities;
To generate additional financial resources for funding qualified projects in biodiversity conservation and sustainable development; and
To encourage international and local cooperation between and among communities, NGOs and POs, business groups and government organizations towards developing policies and efective programs fro biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

Foundation for Sustainable Development, Inc.
Acronym: FSDI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Maria Dulce Cacha Designation: Executive Director Address: 86-B 18th Avenue, Murphy (Barangay San Roque), 1109 Quezon City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 913-4044 Fax Number: (63)(2) 913-4045 Email Address: fsdi@psdn.org.phABOUT THE ORGANIZATION
"Humanity has the ability to make development sustainable - to ensure that it meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."
FSDI's primary goal is to promote the development and utilization of human, natural and information resources, technologies and strategies for the improvement of the quality of life of this generation as well as that of future generations.
FSDI undertakes volunteer and contracted environmental-related socio-economic project work for local communities, public and private sectors, including national and local government units, government owned corporations and private enterprises.
FSDI's human resources include its home office staff, members and a network of non- governmental organizations and professionals with specialization in the fields of agriculture, marine science, community development, fisheries, management, social works, economics, sociology, engineering, development finance, developmental communication, institutional development, political science, planning, resource management and environmental sciences.
The information bases and analytical capabilities developed through previous project worked equipped FSDI with a flexible set of tools for addressing environmental assessment, planning and management problems in the public and private sectors. These services include:
· Environmental Planning and Management
· Natural Resources Management
· Institutional Strengthening and Training
· Integrated Resource Planning
· Environmental Policy and Analysis
· Information Systems and Development
· Environmental Information-Education-Communication

Fundacion Santiago
Acronym: FS Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Jose Ricardo Molina Designation: Executive Director Address: Unit 1209 West Tower, PSE Center, Pasig City TeleFax Number: (63)(2) 621-1163 Email Address: GreenFm@phil.gn.apc.org

Furniture Industry Board Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: FIBFI Type of Organization: Head of the Organization: Erick N. Gaspar Designation: Director Address: CFIP Office, 9th Floor Strata 100, Emerald Avenue, Pasig City Telephone Number: (63)(2) 631-2834 / 632-9007 Fax Number: (63)(2) 631-2977 Email Address: fibfi@psdn.org.ph

Geological Society of the Philippines
Acronym: GSP Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Fred Antonio Dejada Designation: President Address: Room 50 cityland Building, Pioneer Street, Pasig City Tele/Fax Number: (63)(2) 920-2036 Email Address: gsp@geosocphil.org.ph Website Address: http://www.geosocphil.org.ph
The GSP was established in 1945 with the following objectives:
to promote the science of geology and allied earth sciences;
to foster the spirit of reasearch;
to disseminate knowledge concerning the Geology of the Philippines and the regions surrounding it; and
to protect and maintain high professional and ethical standard in the practice of Geology amongst its members.
Green Forum - Philippines
Acronym: GFP Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Nikki Perlas Designation: Chairperson Address: Lot 12, Block 8 Galatians St., Sacred Heart Village, Phase II, Novaliches, Quezon City Telephone Number: (63)(2) 935-4331 Fax Number: (63)(2) 935-4332 Email Address: GreenFm@phil.gn.apc.org
Achieving sustainable development through global cooperation creating a common future
A community focused, equity-led, decentralized and bio-regional based growth towards a better quality of life for people and environment in our local and global community.
Value led and informed people's initiative as the main source of power for change, with the government supporting such efforts.
To include environmental considerations in policy or project levels.
Haribon Foundation
Acronym: HARIBON Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Dr. Helen N. Mendoza Designation: President Address: 9 Malingap cor. Malumanay Sts., West Teacher's Village, Diliman, Quezon City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 925-3332 / 436-2756 / 435-3208 Fax Number: (63)(2) 925-3331 Email Address: act@haribon.org.ph Website Address: http://www.haribon.org.ph
It envisions the country's ecosystems to be conserved and managed in a socially and scientifically sound manner.
It envisions communities that are environmentally aware and responsible stewards of the environment.
It envisions a Philippine society that ensures equitable access to the benefits of its resources while promoting a quality life that values the renewability, carrying capacity and the integrity of creation.
To promote and undertake community-based resource management strategies in specific sites;
To conduct scientific and socio-economic researches in the natural ecosystems for the benefit of Filipino communities and promoting sustainable approaches to development;
To raise the national consciousness on sustainable development and promote a constituency for environmental issues through membership.

Health Action Information Network
Acronym: HAIN Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Dr. Michael L. Tan Designation: Executive Director Address: 9 Cabanatuan Road, Philam Homes, Quezon City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 929-8805 / 927-6760 Fax Number: (63)(2) 929-8805 Email Address: hain@info.com.ph Website Address: http://www.hain.org.ph http://www.kalusugan.org.phABOUT THE ORGANIZATION
To establish global linkages for local needs.
To raise the "health literacy" in the region.

Integrated Rural Development Foundation
Acronym: IRDF Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Ruben Aspiras Designation: President Address: 45-A Mapagpakumbaba St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City TeleFax Number: (63)(2) 924-4824ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION
IRDF envisions the fulfillment of the Filipino people's aspirations for a life of dignity, sufficiency and self-reliance anchored on sustainable and equitable development.
To contribute to the empowerment and upliftment of the quality of life of the marginalized rural sectors by strengthening grassroots initiatives in socio-economic, sustainable agriculture and ecological endeavors.

International Centre for Living Aquatic Resources Management
Acronym: ICLARM Head of the Organization: Dr. Meryl Williams Designation: Director GeneralAddress: 2/F, Bloomingdale Building, 205 Salcedo St., Legaspi Village, Makati, Philippines Telephone No.: (63)(2) 812-8641 local 236 / 818-0466 / 817-5255 Fax Number: (63)(2) 812-3798 / 816-3183 Email Address: iclarm_philippines@cgiar.org Website Address: http://www.iclarm.org
International Rice Research Institute
Acronym: IRRI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Klaus Lampe Address: P.O. Box 933 1099, Manila Fax Number: (63)(2) 818-2087 / 522-4240 Email Address: Postmaster@IRRI.CGNET.COM

International South Group Network
Acronym: ISGN Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Francisco Pascual Jr. Designation: Philippine Coordinator Address: c/o Resource Center for People's Development (RCPD) #24, Unit 7, Mapang-akit St. Pinyahan, Quezon City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 435-0815 Fax Number: (63)(2) 436-1831 Email Address: rcpd@info.com.ph isgn@tri-isys.com Website Address: http://www.isgnweb.org
To promote a value system that places people above profit in the development process, and considers money as a means and not an end.
To promote the principle of the rights of peoples to self-determination in all its dimensions, internal as well as external, political as well as economic, social and cultural, based on the principles of democracy, justice and equality;
To promote a systematic and structural approach to development, human and democratic rights, environment and peace and propagate an understanding of these various components as indivisible and interdependent;
To promote direct access to organizations of affected peoples and their equal participation in decision-making at the international level in a sustained, structured and comprehensive manner and through the democratisation of international policy-making agencies;
To promote alternative economic strategies to the dominant neo-liberal model that shall encompass the democratisation of control, ownership and management of productive assets and resources so that the processes are truly directed and driven by democratic people's instituions.

International Training Network
Acronym: ITN Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Rory Villaluna Designation: Executive Director Address: P-3 Minnesotta Mansion 267 Ermin Garcia St., Cubao, Quezon City TeleFax No.: (63)(2) 911-5783 Email Address: itnphil@compass.com.ph watsan@itnphil.org.ph Website Address: http://www.itnphil.org.ph
ITN Foundation provides consultancy services to agencies about to implement or are already implementing water and sanitation projects. It helps establish appropriate local water supply and sanitation structures to help develop and implement community-based water supply and sanitation management projects. The Foundation actively promotes community participation and encourages local initiatives for the protection and conservation of water resources.

Kabang Kalikasan ng Pilipinas / World Wide Fund - Philippines
Acronym: KKP / WWF Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Romy Trono Designation: Executive Director Address: 23 Maalindog Street, UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 433-3220 to 2 Fax Number: (63)(2) 426-3927 Email Address: kkp@wwf-phil.org.ph Website Address: http://www.wwf-phil.org.ph
WWF-Philippines or Kabang Kalikasan ng Pilipinas (KKP) embarks on various environmental activities belonging to four major programs: marine and small island ecosystems conservation, conservation science research and extension, community-based conservation and entrepreneurship, and public information and education.
Its major projects include the following:
Dugong (Sea Cow) Research and Conservation
Whale watching on Pamilacan Island
Tubbataha Reef: Protecting Our Heritage
Rescuing the Turtle Island Territories
Mt. Guiting-guiting: Biodiversity in Abundance

Legal Rights and Natural Resources Center, Inc. -Kasama sa Kalikasan
Acronym: LRC-KSK Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Atty. Marvic M. Leonen Designation: Executive Director Address: 3/F Puno Bldg. #47 Kalayaan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 927-9670 Fax Number: (63)(2) 920-7172 Email Address: lrcksk@mnl.sequel.net lrc@phil.gn.apc.org
To effect ecologically sustainable, culturally appropriate, economically viable, gender sensitive, equitable uses, management, conservation, and development of natural resources.
To accomplish the vision above through a dynamic, cohesive, self-sustaining organization of dedicated, committed and fulfilled individuals intimately linked with communities of direct users of natural resources.
The goal of the center is to empower the marginalized and disenfranchised peoples directly dependent on our natural resources.
Policy Researches The Research and Policy Development Division (RPD) develops and suggests culturally appropriate, ecologically sound and sustainable legal policy options derived from the experiences of the affected sectors together with relevant scientific researches. In developing and implementing these policy options, the center requires the community or organization be involved the process.
Direct Legal Services The Direct Legal Services Divisions (DLs) provides relevant and quality legal assistance to organized sectors and communities of the rural poor. It assists partner non-governmental and peoples organizations, coalitions, federations and alliances in analyzing, reviewing, recommending or amending laws relating to the rural poor. It provides information as well as legal opinions whenever requested within specific areas within the mandate of the center. Under special arrangements not inconsistent with its mandate, the center also provides advice to specific agencies of government.
Campaigns The Campaigns Division (CD) manages and participates in task forces designed to implement national and international action plans on specific issues identified by the center. It strives to harness the capabilities and potentials of communities, organizations as well as professionals, scientists and the academe.
Public Information and External Linkages The Public Information and External Linkages Division (PX) produces the various publications of the center. It also establishes and maintains working linkages with institutions which are directly involved or related to the formulation of alternative international and national programs and policies.
Geographical Extensions Regional Branch Offices bring the various services and programs of the center with their defined territorial areas of concern.

Lingkod Tao-Kalikasan
Acronym: LTK Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Aida Velasquez Designation: OSB Address: P.O. Box 2734 Manila Fax Number: (63)(2) 521-7225ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION
To see justice and peace among humans through justice and peace with the Earth.
To promote appreciation for an awareness of our related ness with the Earth.

Merge Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: MERGE Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Eleanor M. Nolasco Designation: President/Executive Director Address: 28 Hyacinth St., Roxas District, Quezon City TeleFax No.: (63)(2) 411-2774 Email Address: merge@pworld.com
A society where the citizen's basic rights are protected, upheld and promoted by the social institutions mandated for such task;
A society that thrives on democratic processes that are just, humane and respectful of the rights of the poor majority.
Goal and Strategy
A technology that services the needs of the poor and marginalized is what the Foundation aims to install. Toward this end, the Foundation shall forge partnership and join the efforts of developmental organizations and concerned individuals genuinely working for social transformation.
Information/Communication Needs Analyses
Computer Literacy Program
Networking Strategies
Database Management Training
Assistance on Database Development
Type of Organization: NGO/Academe Head of the Organization: Dr. Angelina P. Galang Address: Miriam College, Katipunan Road, Diliman, Quezon City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 920-5093 / 435-9240 local 348 Fax Number: (63)(2) 920-5093 Email Address: eerc@psdn.org.ph Website Address: http://www.mc.edu.ph/environmentalec/default.htm
Miriam College envisions the development of persons who love and serve God, country and fellow humans in the different facets of a dynamic, integrated life:
As human beings who value life, growth and creation appreciate the world with its diverse cultures care for the earth's resources, work for peace that is based on justice and contribute to the oneness of the human family;
As Christians who possess a deep sense of God, special love and devotion to Mary, and an active prayer life, witness to truth, justice, peace and freedom in responding to human and social issues continuously reconstruct their lives, lifestyles, and relationships following the teachings and example of Christ.
As Filipinos who recognize their Asian cultural heritage and understand their history, take pride in their national identity and common language, live and work in solidarity with their people, and contribute to their nation's development;
As learners who are free and self-determining, capable and well-rounded, possess skills and exercise creativity and resourcefulness resourcefulness harmonize heart and body, and actualize themselves through lifelong learning, healthy relationships, effective work and meaningful service.
To provide a future-oriented, holistic educational program that upholds human and global values, promotes the Catholic Faith, values Filipino culture, pursues academic excellence, leading towards intellectual inquiry, reflective judgment, and resolute action;
To foster continued growth and a sense of community in a learning environment characterized by a spirit of oneness, a climate of trust, openness and mutual respect structures and processes that promote justice, encourage participation, and build peace;
To orient and equip members to respond positively to the needs of others, especially the poor in families, communities, the nation and the world.

National Coalition of Fisherfolk for Aquatic Reforms
Acronym: NACFAR Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Hilario Manaog Address: P.O. Box 1390, Quezon City Main Telephone No.: (63)(2) 922-3114

NGOs for Integrated Protected Areas, Inc.
Acronym: NIPA Type of Organization: NGO Consortium Head of the Organization: Atty. Domingo Egon Q. Cayosa Designation: President Address: Room 701 Fil Garcia Tower 140 Kalayaan cor Mayaman St., Diliman, 1101 Quezon City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 924-8567 to 8 Fax Number: (63)(2) 924-8566 E-mail: nipa@nipa.org.ph and nipa@mozcom.com
ABOUT THE ORGANIZATIONNIPA, Inc. is a consortium of non-government organizations and people's organizations engaged in biodiversity conservation and community-based protected area management. In partnership with government agencies and local communities, it is now piloting the implementation of the National Integrated Protected Areas System Law (NIPAS Law) in the priority protected areas of the Philippines with a $20 Million grant from the Global Environment Trust Fund - World Bank.NIPA provides technical assistance in the following areas: a.. Protected area management planning, community organizing and development b.. Eco-friendly livelihood and enterprise development c.. Environmental policy research d.. Advocacy and Networking e.. Research, data banking and information dissemination f.. Financial systems installation g.. TrainingIn partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), NIPA is implementing the Conservation of the Priority Protected Areas Project (CPPAP) in the following 10 sites: 1.. Batanes Protected Landscape and Seascape (Batanes Islands) 2.. Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park (Isabela) 3.. Bataan-Subic Natural Park (Central Luzon) 4.. Apo Reef Natural Park (Occidental Mindorro) 5.. Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park (Negros) 6.. Siargao Island Protected Landscape and Seascape (Surigao) 7.. Agusan Marsh Natural Park (Agusan) 8.. Mt. Apo Natural Park (Davao) 9.. Mt. Kitanglad Natural Park (Bukidnon) 10.. Turtle Islands (Tawi-tawi)
Norfil Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: NORFIL Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Angela Maria Pangan Designation: Executive Director Address: 16 Mother Ignacia cor. Roces Avenue, Quezon, City Telephone No: (63)(2) 372-3577 to 9 Fax Number: (63)(2) 373-2169 Email Address: norfil@philonline.com.ph

Organizing for Training Research and Development
Acronym: OTRADEV Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Fermin Manalo, Jr. Designation: Executive Director Address: 59 Salvador Salvador St., Loyola Heights, Quezon City Tel. No.: (63)(2) 426-6734 Email Address: mmnest@pworld.net.ph
Philippine Association for Inter-Cultural Development, Inc.
Acronym: PAFID Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Dave de Vera Designation: Executive Director Address: 71 Malakas St., Diliman, Quezon City TeleFax No.: (63)(2) 927-4580 / 928-6267
Philippine Association for Volunteer Effort
Acronym: PAVE Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Designation: Address: NEDA Complex, EDSA, Quezon City Telephone Nos.: (63)(2) 929-6376 / 927-6851Email Address: pave@nsclub.net
ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION Is a network of organizations and individuals engaged in diverse volunteer programs, advocating service through volunteerism and mobilizing all sectors of society to promote volunteerism as a Filipino way of life.
Is a capacit builder for volunteerism, promoting social technologies that develop world-class volunteer managers and dedicated and responsible volunteers. Aims to develop professionalism in volunteerism. PAVE seeks to develop practical appropriate and indigenous social technologies for effective volunteerism in the Philippines. We work in partnership with organizations and agencies that provide volunteer services and those that accept and deploy volunteers. PAVE provides training, technology transfer and technical assistance towards effective leadership and professionalism and ensures motivation, mobilization, and management of volunteers to community-based and civil society of organizations and to agencies of the state.
RESOURCE CENTER PAVE links local and international volunteer groups through membership in the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) and through a Volunteerism Databank which promote strategic and extensive networking for sustained advocacy efforts in social development.
MEMBERSHIP Open to..... * organizations engaged in volunteer service programs and/or volunteer management Organizational members must be operating for at least one year and should be represented by the head of the organization or by a designated representative. * individuals who are in professional management and/or training of volunteers

Palawan Council for Sustainable Development
Acronym: PCSD Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Atty. Joselito Alisuag Designation: Executive Director Address: 122 West Avenue, Quezon City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 922-3450 to 2 Fax Number: (63)(2) 922-3939 Email Address: pcsdsfsd@compass.com.phABOUT THE ORGANIZATION
To protect, develop and conserve Palawan's natural resources while pursuing economic activities.
To balance environmental conservation and economic development.
To ensure sustainable development for the province of Palawan.
Forest conservation through total log ban
Protection of watershed
Preservation of biodiversity
Protection of tribal people and their culture
Protection of rare and endangered species
Promotion of eco-tourism

Pacific Basin Consortium for Hazardous Waste Research and Management
Acronym: PBC Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Genandrialine L. Peralta, P. Eng, Ph.D. Designation: Executive Secretary Address: c/o P.O. Box 336, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines 1101 Telephone No.: (63)(2) 927-01745 Fax Number: (63)(2) 927-01745 Email Address: pbchw@mozcom.com pbc@nec.upd.edu.ph Website Address: http://www.pbchw.com.phABOUT THE ORGANIZATION
A group of scientists and engineers met in 1986 to form the Pacific Basin Consortium for Hazardous Waste Research. In 1994, the Consortium's name was modified to include the word "Management." The intent of this change was to make it apparent that the Consortium was open equally to those involved in managing hazardous waste as well as to those involved in research and development. The objectives of the Pacific Basin Consortium for Hazardous Waste Research and Management (PBC) are to:
Identify, assess, and prioritize waste management problems common to Pacific Basin nations.
Promote research, engineering, and demonstration of hazardous waste management technologies to solve the identified problems.
Establish effective methods for exchanging information and transferring technology.
Provide technical personnel with training opportunities in both mature and advanced technologies.
The aim is to speed the conduct of research and its application and to reduce the cost of managing hazardous waste for all members, including those at the forefront of this field.
The Consortium is involved in the following activities:
Collaborative research, which can include a coordinated study of parts of a problem, a team effort on common topics, or an exchange of technical staff among member institutions. The Consortium Secretariat assists in proposal preparation and fundraising for collaborative research initiatives.
Information exchange, which emphasizes technical meetings, but also involves publishing written reports and newsletters. The Consortium convenes workshops and conferences and maintains a reference collection of reports and documents relevant to hazardous waste research and management in the Pacific Basin for use by member organization staff. Available Consortium publications include the proceedings of Consortium conferences, research and technical reports, public information brochures, and country survey information.
Training courses, which are conducted as part of most conferences. They are open to all qualified conference participants, whether from member organizations or not. Staff exchanges for training purposes are also promoted.
Professional network of experts, maintained by participants who belong to member organizations as well as participants who are employed elsewhere in the hazardous waste research community. Through peer review and approval processes, members can receive authoritative advice on hazardous waste issues, consultations with local governments, and evaluations of reports and manuscripts.

Philippine Business for the Environment, Inc.
Acronym: PBE Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Lisa C. Antonio Designation: Executive Director Address: DAP Bldg., San Miguel Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 635-3670 / 635-2651 Fax Number: (63)(2) 631-5714 Email Addresses: ctem@csi.com.ph Website Address: http://www.pbe.org.ph ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION
PBE believes that business, together with government and the public, has the social responsibility to protect the environment. PBE will assist business to carry out this responsibility through its role as:
· an intermediary between business, together with government and the community, in establishing reasonable standards and policies that reflect balance between the country's economic goals and environmental concerns;
· an educator advocating sound corporate environmental values and promoting the search for sufficient and affordable environmental technology;
· a catalyst in industry and community cooperation towards sustainable development and responsible resource management; and
· a data bank of environmental resources that can be tapped by the business sector.
Promotes clean technology and environmental management to improve efficiency and reducepollution.
Provides access to relevant information on specific industrial technologies and managementneeds for businesses to achieve a competitive environmental advantage, reducing costs andincreasing productivity.
Reference Library The Center contains numerous publications about environmental managementpractices, industry-specific clean technology and waste reduction solutions, how-to manuals, and referral sources.
Periodicals The center offers trade and environmental industry magazines, academic and professional journals on clean technology and environmental management, and bulletins from international clean production organizations.
Internet Service The Center provides access to Internet resources on clean technology and environmental management.
Computer Databases / Software The Center maintains databases of clean technology vendors and carries software to help companies design their own pollution prevention programs.
Personal Guidance The Center manager helps users analyze specific problems and provide information on a range of solutions that help save money and improve their products.
Industrial Waste Exchange Program (IWEP)
WASTE EXCHANGE is a process whereby the waste of an industry may be utilized in-house or transferred to another industry for reuse or recycling. The ultimate goal of the waste exchange is to reduce environmental impacts from industrial waste disposal while generating economic returns through the promotion of resource recovery from industrial waste.
· To establish a sustainable trade information system for companies to publish their inventory of by-products that might be useful to others or their need for specific materials that might be a by-product of others.
· To provide information to the industrial sector on the economics of waste exchange, i.e. waste generators must not spend much resources in waste treatment if there are demands for their waste,
· To facilitate the matching of suppliers and users of the wastes.
Philippine Business Agenda 21
PBE was commissioned by UNDP under its joint project with the Philippine government called Private Sector Participation in Managing the Environment (PRIME) Project to consolidate the various medium and long-term initiatives of industry associations into an integrated plan to be called Philippine Business Agenda 21.
Business Agenda 21 or BA21 reflects the business sector’s response to Philippine Agenda 21 which provides the broad vision and implementing strategies and parameters for sustainable development in the country. BA21 is a consolidated plan specifically developed by the business sector consistent with and in support of Philippine Agenda 21.

Philippine Business for Social Progress
Acronym: PBSP Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Roberto Calingo Designation: Executive Director Address: 3rd Floor PSDC Bldg., Magallanes cor Real Streets, Intramuros, Manila Telephone No.: (63)(2) 527-7741 Fax Number: (63)(2) 527-3743 Email Address: pbsp@pbsp.org.ph Website Address: http://www.pbsp.org.ph
To be the leader in promoting business sector commitment to social development.
To deliver solutions to poverty through programs that results in self-reliance.
To raise the income of the underpriviledged above the poverty threshold.
To implement socio-economic projects that would benefit and assist families directly.
To provide financial assistance or grants for community-based projects.
To provide technical assistance in project management, organizational development, training and dessimination of new technology.
Philippine Federation for Environmental Concern
Acronym: PFEC Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Rodelia Albotra Designation: Coordinator Address: 157-B 20th Avenue, San Roque, Murphy, Quezon City TeleFax No.: (63)(2) 437-2088 Email Address: pfec@psdn.org.ph Website: http://www.psdn.org.ph/pfec
Promote and develop environmental conciousness amongst Filipinos
Unite and coordinate with local communities in their efforts for environmental protection
To join in national and worldwide environmental action
Programs and Services
National Environmental Congresses The PFEC holds national environmental congresses to foster cooperation and exchanges between NGOs, POs, government agencies, the academe as well as other concerned individuals and organizations from all over the country. The Congress from its very simple purpose of serving as a venue to meet and get to know other groups in the Philippine environmental movement and raise environmental consciousness, has moved on to a commitment to serve as venues for study and discussions of environmental issues and coordinated effort to find solutions to these issues. It provided the opportunity for communities directly affected by environmental problems to share their knowledge and first hand experience. Likewise, it had forged development partnerships and strengthened linkages among participating organizations, the academe and relevant government agencies.
Education and Extension The holding of training programs for various sectors of society regarding environmental protection is a continuous activity of the PFEC. Ecological orientation seminars are conducted upon request of community-based groups, NGOs and Pos. Information materials on various environmental concerns and issues are also made available to relevant groups. It was the PFEC who developed the training design and piloted the training for POs (farmers, fisherfolk, women and youth) to be Deputized Environment and Natural Resources Officers. Full training design/modules on ecotourism with emphasis on community-based approach was developed for a series of training conducted for the Philippines Tourism Authority.
Network of Services for Sustainable Community Forestry This specific program seeks to enhance, build and strengthen POs/community based organizations’ capability in the development and management of the CBFM areas. - Capability building and enhancement of Local Knowledge on Sustainable Forest Management practices - Technical assistance on forest land resource management and development - Enterprise Development and Management - Strengthening Community Networking and Linkages

Philippine Futuristics Society
Acronym: PFS Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Miguel Z. Patolot Address: Room 407, ManilaBank Building, Ayala Avenue, Makati City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 812-3139 / 818-5748

Philippine Institute of Alternative Futures
Acronym: PIAF Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Dr. Sixto Roxas Designation: Chairman of the Board Address: 121 Pajo St. Project 3, Quezon City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 922-0023 / 435-4601 / 435-4604 Fax Number: (63)(2) 922-0023 Email Address: apncs@netasia.net
To explore alternative development strategies in response to the problems of environmental degredation and poverty.
To promote community-based enterprise;
To encourage wholistic health care;
To advance non-traditional education;
To promote appropriate technology; and
To promote developmental communication and networking.
Policy Research and Advocacy
Cultural and Biodiversity Conservation and Development (CBCD)
Non-traditional Education and Development Communications (NTE/DC)
Organizing for Sustainable Development (OSD)
Technical Research
Developmental Communications
Management Information Systems

Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers
Acronym: PICHE Head of the Organization: Engr. Constante Tapuro Designation: President Address: Room 305 Bormaheco Condominium Zapote Road cor Metropolitan Avenue, Makati City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 894-4577 Fax Number: (63)(2) 890-1583 Email Address: piche@psdn.org.ph

Philippine Institute for Development Studies
Acronym: PIDS Type of Organization: Non-stock, Non-profit Government Corporation Research Institute Head of the Organization: Dr. Mario B. Lamberte Designation: President Address: 4th Floor NEDA sa Makati Bldg., 106 Amorsolo St., Legazpi Village, Makati City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 893-9592 / 810-6261 Fax Number: (63)(2) 893-9591 Email Address: mlamberte@mail.pdis.gov.ph mferanil@gate.pids.gov.ph Website Address: http://www.pids.gov.phABOUT THE ORGANIZATION
The PIDS strives to be one of the Philippines' premier policy research institutions, committed to serve the interests of the country and the Filipino people through the provision of rigorous analysis, balanced answers and options to policy issues that will guide policy makers and leaders in their decision making so that we as a nation can move swiftly towards the goal of equitable and sustainable development.
PIDS aims to provide quality research, working within the priorities of a research agenda that is a product of consultations with government, academe and the private sector. It shall enrich and broaden the perspective of research activities through networks and linkups with local and foreign institutions. Morover, PIDS shall provide a regular outlet for enlightened discussions about policy issues among the various sectors in the policy and decision-making process.
Broadly stated, the goals of PIDS are:
· To provide analyses of socioeconomic problems and issues to support the formulation of plans and policies for sustained social and economic development in the Philippines;
· To establish a continuing channel of communication between policymakers and planners, onthe one hand, and researchers, on the other;
· To promote the utilization of research results and to strengthen the policy orientation of research; and
· To respond to the demand for systematic and comprehensive studies which can guide and support current decision making in government.
To come up with policy researches that are relevant primarily to policy makers, to the private sector, to civil society and the academe.
Advocacy / research
Information Dessimination
Social and Economic Database
To carry out its mandate, the institute has maintained three basic programs, namely:
· Research Program (priority research themes include industry, agriculture and services, resource mobilization, human resource development, income destribution and poverty, competiotion policy and corporate governance, decentralization and sub-national governance, and policy analysis, planning tools, and monitoring systems);
· Outreach Program; and
· Dissemination and Research Utilization Program

Philippine Partnership for the Development of Human Resources in Rural Areas
Acronym: PhilDHRRA Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Tess Fernandez Designation: Chairperson Address: 59 C. Salvador St. Loyola Hts. 1108 Quezon City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 436-0702 / 436-0710 / 436-0713 Fax Number: (63)(2) 426-0385 Email Address: phildhrra@netasia.net Website Address: http://phildhrra.org.ph
To be a national network of social development organizations (SDOs )or non-government organizations that is militant, non-violent, dynamic, viable, effective, self-reliant and committed to the establishment of autonomous peoples organization (POs). It envisions a society which is characterized by participatory democrac equality, national sovereignty, cultural autonomy, gender equity and environmental sustainability.
Mission and Goals
I. Creation of a Development Environment
· to serve as a catalyst for participatory human community and national development;
· to promote coalition work for national and international solidarity;
· to establish linkages, particularly with government agencies, donors, international NGOs,inter-governmental organizations, to help set up structures with the government promotion of human rights and other concerns on the basis of partnership and mutual support; to facilitate the coordination, collaboration, cooperation and synergy among SDOs and POs.
II. Development of Alternative Social and Economic Models
· to promote Sustainable Agriculture (SA), Agrarian Reform and Rural Development (AR/RD) according to the principles of the World Council on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development (WCARRD)
III. NGO/PO Capability Building
· to strengthen and broaden the network of SDOs at all levels through various programs like Institution Building, Information Dissemination and Exchange
· to develop mechanisms for self-sufficiency, growth and self-reliance of the network, its member-SDOs and partner POs

Philippine Peasant Institute
Acronym: PPI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Romeo C. Royandoyan Designation: Executive Director Address: Room 319 Philippine Social Science Center (PSSC) Bldg., Commonwealth Avenue Diliman, Quezon City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 929-6211 / 922-9621 local 339 or 314 Fax Number: (63)(2) 924-3767 Email Address: ppi@qinet.netABOUT THE ORGANIZATION
PPI's vision is the attainment of self-determining rural communities whose development is founded on equity, ecological sustainability, gender fairness, respect for people's rights and culture, and the economic, socio-cultural and political empowerment of marginalized rural sectors and peoples.
To generate support from among the broad front of sectors fro rural development and democracy;
To proactively advocate for structural policy reforms that will concretize rural development and democracy;
To provide alternative analysis of rural development trends in support of initiatives of the marginalized rural sectors;
To contribute to the research and advocacy efforts of other NGOs and POs by providing consultancy and capability building services relevant to rural development and democracy; and
To provide up to date and comprehensive information/data on agrarian reform, agriculture and rural development.
PPI aims to promote and advance the Philippine peasantry's interest for agrarian reform and rural development in partnership with local peasant organization.
Programs and Services
Action research and publications
Broadcasting for rural development
Policy advocacy for ARRD
PPI resource and information center

Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement, Inc.
Acronym: PRRM Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Wigberto Tañada Designation: President Address: Kayumanggi Press Building, 940 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 372-4992 / 372-4991 / 928-1866 Fax Number: (63)(2) 372-4995 / 410-5235 Email Address: prrm@csi.com.ph Website Address: http://www.csi.com.ph/~srddp
PRRM envisions a soceity of empowered communities, with full entitlements, where women and men have control over thier lives and equally share the benefits of develpment taking place within the carrying capacity of the environment.
Its mission is to help build self-governing, self-sustaining communities that provide for the fullest development of their citizens' human potentials, and institutionalize development alternatives at the local, national and global levels.
To develop and test various models of community building in diverse ecosystems/habitats, promoting strategies and approaches for community empowerment, responsive governance, corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship and enterprise development, human development and natural resources management.
To expand the space for civil society engagement with the state and market, and to advocate sustainable development models linking community intiatives and experiences with local, natioanl and global agenda/policy and programme formulation and resource allocation.
To strengthen and sustain PRRM as a dynamic and flexible social change agent and civil society institution of committed advocates and builders of sustainable development and popular democracy, generating, enhancing and managing organizational resources and capabilities for effective field intervention, policy advocacy and development corporation.

Philippine Sustainable Development Network Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: PSDN Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Amy M. Lecciones Designation: Executive Director Address: Unit 1006, Jollibee Center Condominium, San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 634-7705 Fax Number: (63)(2) 631-0977 Email Address: info@psdn.org.ph Website Address: http://www.psdn.org.ph
Global optimization and strengthening of network participation in sustainable development information exchange.
Mission To facilitate the more efficient access, linkage and dissemination of information on sustainable development through technical enhancement employing simple, cost effective and replicable information technology/systems.
To provide easier, more affordable and rapid access of information to users ingovernmental, research and educational, non-governmental, and entrepreneurialorganizations.
To develop simple, cost-effective and replicable information technology /systems that would enhance the capacity for information networking of individuals and organizations in sustainable development.
Internet - E-mail - Full Internet Access - Dedicated dial-up access / Multiple Accounts - Web Site - Mailing Lists and News Groups
Local Area Network (LAN) and Intranet
Directories/Resource Maps
Training - Overview of the internet - System Administrator's Training - Web Pages Creation
Home Page Creation and Hosting
Basic Training and Course on Environmental Management

Philippine Uplands Resources Center
Acronym: PURC Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Trinidad Osteria Address: Room 301 William Hall Research Center WH309, Dela Salle University Compound, 2401 Taft Avenue, Manila Telephone No.: (63)(2) 524-4611 local 540 or 542 Fax Number: (63)(2) 523-4173
Save the Children Fund
Acronym: SCF-UK Type of Organization: NGO Address: 30 Scout Tuazon, 1151 Quezon City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 372-3483 Fax Number: (63)(2) 372-3484 Email Address: 100440.1500@compuserve.comABOUT THE ORGANIZATION
Vision and Mission for the Filipino Child
Having in mind the unique identity, history and culture of Filipinos, SCF(UK) envisions a fuller realisation of the rights of Filipino children, where they enjoy increased protection, better access to basic services and better opportunities to participate in their own development.
SCF(UK)-Philippines strives to bring lasting benefits for Filipino children so that they may enjoy a meaningful childhood which will enable them to realise their potential, as they grow to become responsible and productive citizens and take part in the common struggle of the Filipino people for genuine social development.

Sibol ng Agham at Teknolohiya
Acronym: SIBAT Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Victoria M. Lopez Designation: Executive Director Address: 28 Road 5, GSIS Hills, Novaliches, Quezon City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 983-1947 / 983-1953 Email Address: sibat@info.com.ph Website Address: http:www.psdn.org.ph/sibat
The SIBAT Network envisions just and sovereign society and an empowered citizenry where Science and Technology is responsive to the people's needs and development, and to the proper utilization and management of the means of production, which reflects ecological stability, a progressive economy and a people-based scientific culture.
SIBAT shall contribute to the development, promotion, and popularization of people-based Science and Technology for sustainable and appropriate production systems (aquatic, agricultural, forest) and for rural industries to respond to the basic needs of the marginalized sectors. It shall support socio-economic development efforts geared towards nationalist industrialization in the long term. It shall also pursue the development and the judicious utilization of renewable and non-renewable resources, and application of appropriate infrastructures to support production systems and rural industries.
To build a strong functioning system of network resource sharing and management, towards enhancing member capabilities.
To build a forum of discussions and exchanges on experiences and develpment issues; and develop such a network tradition.
Science and Technology Resource and Information Services
· The Library Service contains some 3,000 documents and journals on science and appropriate technology. All documents are catalouged and can be retrieved by computers. It is open to the public.
· The Question and Answer Service answers inquiries by mail or from walk-in visitors. In some instances, referral to appropriate institutions are being made.
· Information Training on manual and computerized library management, covering classifying, catalouging and indexing are provided by the organization.
Projects Development Assistance
PDA is responsible for SIBAT's Small Scale Projects fund administration, rendering projects development assistance to member project partners. Among its specific services include:
· Conducts pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies, surveys and appraisals;
· Assists members in project management monitoring and evaluation of their projects;
· Assists members in developing their capabilities in the management of their projects.
Technology Assistance
This service includes short courses, training, consultancy and mobilization of resources in the purpose of facilitating technology transfer to the members. It also conducts research and inventory, linkages and advocacy, technical resource pool building and information/database building.

Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands, Inc.
Acronym: SCPW Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Amy M. Lecciones Designation: President Address: c/o PSDN, Unit 1006 Jolibee Centre Condominium San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City TeleFax No.: (63)(2) 631-0977 Email Address: wetlands@psdn.org.ph Website Address: http://www.psdn.org.ph/wetlands
To serve as network of wetland workers and advocates and establish linkages with local and international organizations
To serve as forum for wetland issues
To engage in advocacy work supportive of wetland conservation objectives
To provide technical assistance on matters related to wetlands
To complement wetland management activities such as research, training, IEC

Southeast Asia Regional Institute for Community Education
Acronym: SEARICE Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Neth Daño Designation: Executive Director Address: 83 Madasalin St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 433-7182 Fax Number: (63)(2) 922-6710 Email Address: searice@philonline.com.ph
SEARICE aims to work for the creation of a just and democratic civil society which upholds people's initiatives towards the creative and sustainable use of earth's resources.
To assist non-government organizations (NGOs) and people's organizations (POs) in Southeast Asia to develop their capabilities in the fields of community development and education and sustainable agriculture.
To promote and strengthen linkages between Southeast Asian grassroots organizations and facilitate exchanges between and among South-North and South-South organizations working towards the establishment of a Civil Society;
To facilitate the establishment of self-reliant grassroots organizations through education, training and linkaging;
To eneble Southeast Asian farmers to have control of their planting materials through plant genetic resources conservation and utilization programs;
To promote the recognition and protection of the land rights of Southeast Asian indigenous communities through information exchange, advocacy programs and education and training; and
To facilitate policy formulation and development in the fields of Plant Genetic Resources Conservation, Community Education and Indigenous People's Land Rights
To assist farmer-community efforts in the conservation and development of their plant genetic resources;
To disseminate information on the dangers of genetic erosion, loss of farmers, control over planting materials, and the economic and political issues related to farmers' seeds;
To help provide technical assistance to farming communities in the conservation, management and development of their plant genetic resources;
To help raise resources for farmer/community efforts in plant genetic resources conservation development; and
To actively participate in policy interventions aimed at protecting farmers' interests in the region and in global policy arenas.

Tanggapang Panligal ng Katutubong Pilipino
Acronym: PANLIPI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Ma. Vicenta P. de Guzman Designation: Executive Director Address: Room 303, JGs Building, 30 Sct. Tuazon St., 1103 Quezon CityABOUT THE ORGANIZATION
To empower indigenous communities with complete ownership and control of Ancestral Domain, self-determination, cultural integrity, pro-indigenous peoples leadership united, committed and capable in the pursuit of sustainable and pro-people development towards the attainment of prosperity, peace, social equity and justice.
To organize indigenous communities towards unity in the defense, advocacy and promotion of their rights.
To render and consultancy to Filipino indigenous peoples;
To assist these communities in administration, judicial and quasi-judicial proceedings;
To coordinate with NGOs and GOs in carrying out the program.

Tambuyog Development Center
Acronym: TAMBUYOG Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Rebecca R. Guieb Designation: Executive Director Address: Room 108A, Philippine Social Science Center (PSSC), Commonwealth, Diliman, Quezon City Telephone No.: (63)(2) 456-1907 / 456-1908 Fax Number: (63)(2) 926-4415 Email Address: tambuyog@netgazer.com.ph Website Address: http://www.skyinet.net/~tambuyog
Tambuyog Development Center envisions organized and self-reliant coastal communities of men and women which control and manage resources for a sustainable fisheries and national development.
TAMBUYOG shall engage in movement-building for both theory and practice of community-based coastal resources management (CBCRM) as an approach towards solving environmental degradation, poetry and powerlessness in coastal communities.
To play an active role in enhancing capabilities of marginalized coastal communities
To influence policies and public opinion concerning coastal communities and fisheries in the international, national and local levels
Research for policy advocacy
Implementation of resource management plan
Capability building in CRM program areas
Networking and advocacy
Gender issues
Institutional capability building
CBCRM School
Policy Research
Resource Center
Audio visuals

Tanggol Kalikasan
Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Ipat G. Luna Designation: Supervising Lawyer Address: 340 P. Villamor St., San Juan, Metro Manila Telephone No.: (63)(2) 740-4990 / 740-4681

Unified Urban Poor, Inc.
Acronym: UUP Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Norman S. Lahora Address: c/o KASECO, 15 Kasiyahan St. Don Antonio Heights, Bgy. Holy Spirit, Quezon City TeleFax No.: 09187243467 E-Mail: uup@edsamail.com.ph Website: www.psdn.org.ph/uup
UUP envisions a humane and free society, wherein social equality prevails, where participation of the people in governance is ensured while promoting a balanced and sustainable development.
Towards the fulfillment of our aspiration, UUP commits itself to provide assistance in carrying forward initiatives and concerns of the urban poor; to work for harnessing of their potentials through participatory people’s activities; and to empower the urban poor through building their communities through self-reliance.
In response to the depth of poverty, UUP aims to bring about the attainment of a holistic, ecological friendly, and integrated development programs that would address economic productivity and empowerment of the people.

Urban Poor Institute for Community Building, Inc.
Acronym: UPICOB Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Address: Room 310 Martinez Building, 378 Dasmariñas Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila TeleFax No.: (63)(2) 244-4970 Website: upicob@philonline.com

Upland NGO Assistance Committee
Acronym: UNAC Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Mon Derige Address: Teacher's Village, Quezon City TeleFax No.: (63)(2) 4360706/9218094

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Alternative Systems for Community Development
Acronym: ASCODE Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Angelo Candelaria Designation: Executive Director Address: Room 12-B, 2nd Floor Old Rectory Bldg., Cathedral Compound, Legaspi City Tel No.: (63)(52) 481-2073
Buhi Ecumenical Development Association
Acronym: BEDA Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Eleno Lavadia Designation: Executive Director Address: San Pascual, Buhi, Camarines Sur TeleFax No.: (63)(54) 621-1163
Batanes Development Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: BDFI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Ferdie Elica Designation: Executive Director Address: Basco, Batanes TeleFax No.: (63)(78) 533-3452
Caceres Social Action Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: CASAFI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Fr. Nelson Tria Designation: Executive Director Address: Liboton St., Naga City Telephone No.: (63)(54) 473-9550 / 473-4174 TeleFax No.: (63)(54) 473-4175
Conservation and Development Specialists Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: CDSF Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Delfin C. Suministrado Designation: Executive Director Address: 2/F E.C. Arcade, Demarces, Farmville, College, Laguna 4031 TeleFax No.: (63)(49) 536-5040 Email Address: cdsf@earthling.net
Socioecological development
The promotion of socioecological development and natural resources conservation
To engage in participatory policy and strategy formulation on conservation management
To initiate, organize and implement projects and programs toward conservation and sustainable development
To engage in training education for proactive approaches within the framework of the fragility of the environment
To develop alternative methodologies in resources assessment and enhancement

Farmers-Scientists Partnership for Development
Acronym: MASIPAG Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Jose Emmanuel Yap Designation: National Coordinator Address: 3346 Aguila Street, Rhoda Subdivision, Los Baños, Laguna TeleFax No.: (63)(49) 536-5549 Email Address: masipag@mozcom.com

Foundation of Our Lady of Fatima Center for Human Development
Acronym: FACE Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Sr. Felicitas de Lima Designation: Executive Director Address: San Agustin, Iriga City TeleFax No.: (63)(54)29- 92289
Infanta Integrated Community Development Assistance, Inc.
Acronym: ICDAI Type of Organization: NGO Coverage Area: Infanta, Quezon Head of the Organization: Analee Coralde Designation: Executive Director Address: Bahay-Ugnayan, Mabini St., Infanta, Quezon TeleFax No: (63)(42)35- 2146 Email Address: icdai@psdn.org.ph

International Institute for Rural Reconstruction
Acronym: IIRR Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Dr. Pratima Kale Designation: President Address: Y.C. James Yen Center, Silang 4118 Cavite Telephone No.: (63)(46) 414-2417 to 9 Fax Number: (63)46) 414-2423 / 414-2420 Email Address: etd-iirr@cav.pworld.net.ph iirr@cav.pworld.net.ph Website Address: http://www.cav.pworld.net.ph./~iirr
To improve the quality of lives of the rural poor in developing countries through rural reconstruction: a sustainable, integrated and people-centered development strategy generated through practical field experiences.
Program areas and program goals
Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture
Developing economically viable strategies to enhance food security and conserve natural resources.
Community Health, Reproductive Health and Nutrition
Organizing and training health workers and local people in simple health care measures and in managing community health projects.
Institutional Capacity Building
Enhancing the managerial and institutional capacity of NGOs and other organizations. Gender and indigenous knowledge are cross-cutting themes for all three program areas.

Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: JVOFI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Emily P. Pimentel Designation: President Address: #8 Claro M. Recto St., St. Joseph's Village. Baguio City 2600 P.O. Box 941, Baguio City Fax Number: (63)(74) 442-8411ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION
To become the leading institution in the formation of self-reliant communities capable of harnessing resources for equitable development.
Guided by the principle of wholistic human development and with utmost concern for the environment, the Foundation shall uplift the sense of dignity of the Filipino communities it serves.
To enhance the Foundation's capability to pursue its mandate
To enable communities to tap opportunities and gain access to and control over resources
To enable communities to optimize the utilization of resources toward the development of viable enterprise
To enable communities to develop and conserve their ecological resources
To promote equitable distribution of opportunities and benefits
Core Programs
Internal Capacity-Building
Institutional Development
Enterprise Development
Ecological Enhancement

Katipunan ng mga Samahang Magsasaka
Acronym: KASAMA Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Roger Magyaya Designation: Executive Director Address: Brgy. Ermita, Balayan, Batangas TeleFax No.: (63)(43) 211-4240

Lingap Para sa Kalusugan ng Sambayan
Acronym: LIKAS Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Florencia Casanova-Dorotan Designation: Executive Director Address: Maharlika Highway, San Pedro, Irosin, Sorsogon TeleFax No.: (63)(56) 411-1265
Mangyan Mission
Acronym: MM Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Fr. Ewald Dinter, SVD Designation: Executive Director Address: Salong, Calapan, Oriental Mindoro Tel. No.: (63)(43) 288-3492 Fax No.: (63)(43) 288-3550 Email Address: mmission@eudoramail.com

Mandiga Ob-obbo Community Center, Inc.
Acronym: MOCCI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Mary Foy-os Designation: Executive Director Address: 286 Salvatera St., Purok 3, Bulanao, Tabuk, Kalinga Province, Cordillera Autonomous Region Tel. No.: (63)(74) 872-2076
Mother Rosa Memorial Foundation
Acronym: MMRF Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: David Ingles Designation: Executive Director Address: San Simon, Pampanga Tel. No.: (63)(45) 880-0363
Northern Luzon Federation of Cooperative Development Center, Inc.
Acronym: NORLU-CEDEC Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Rafael Gayaso Designation: Executive Director Address: 12 Bokawkan Road, Baguio City TeleFax No.: (63)(74) 444-2733Email Address: norlu@mozcom.com
Northern Sierra Madre Wilderness Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: NSMWFI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Primo Donato Designation: BOT Chairman Address: IPAS Center, Centro East, Palanan, Isabela Guinto's Apartment Door #2, Cabanatuan Road, Cauayan, Isabela Telephone No.: (63)(2) 924-8667 to 8 (c/o NIPAS Inc. Office) Fax Number: (63)(2) 924-8566 (c/o NIPAS Office)ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION
To foster self-reliant communities which are able to maintain their culture and rights, and more importantly, their dignity.
To provide service for community development towards the conservation of natural resources.
To encourage sustainable management of forest resources.
To conserve the existing natural state of the Northern Sierra Madre Nature Park by mobilizing the people to become sensitive in their of using the natural resources of the area.

Organizing for Rural Development
Acronym: ORD Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Loida Abela-Tabelon Designation: Executive Director Address: 130 Purok Pagkakaisa, Gulang-gulang, Lucena City TeleFax No.: (63)(42) 710-2157 Email Address: ord@mozcom.com
Participatory Research Organization of Communities and Education Towards Struggle for Self-Reliance, Luzon
Acronym: PROCESS-LUZON Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Romulo Sitchon Designation: Area Coordinator Address: 48 Maharlika Highway, Pengue, Tuguegarao, Cagayan Tel. No.: (63)(78) 844-5465
PROCESS-Luzon envisions a strong, politically aware, self-reliant people's organization, enjoying equal rights and opportunities.
To facilitate the formation of strong, self-reliant people's organization.
Formation of people's organization (PO) and capability building
Gender and development
Equitable access and opportunities to productive resources
Alliance building
To facilitate the formation of strong self-reliant POs
To facilitate equitable access and opportunities to productive resources
To facilitate gender and development and women's rights

People's Action for Social Security, Equality and Development, Inc.
Acronym: PASSED Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Eleuterio K. Layog Designation: Chairperson Address: P.O. Box 831, Baguio City 2000 Telephone No.: (63)(74) 443-9823 / 443-9824 Fax Number: (63)(74) 442-8853
It envisions a world where there is unity between nature and mankind, collegiality in cultural deversity, equality in relationships, economic activity based on meeting the needs of people. equity in distribution of the world's wealth and peace founded on justice and mutual tolerance.
To work in partnership with local communities in building a condition where they can exercise their life choices safely and freely in the relative confidence that their present opportunities are not totally lost in the future.
To undertake education, campaigns, advocacy, research and action programs to address the problems of ecological destruction and unsustainable population growth and consumption patterns.

Pag-Asang Bicolnon Foundation,Inc.
Acronym: PAGBICOL Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Angelo Joshua Llorin Designation: Executive Director Address: 10 Cathedral St., Ateneo Avenue, Naga City Tel. No.: (63)(54) 473-9024 Telfax No.: (63)(54) 811-2794 Email Address: pagbicol@unc.edu.ph
Plan International
Acronym: PLAN Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Myrna Remata-Evora Designation: Field Director Address: #67 Pengue, Tuguegarao, Cagayan Telephone No.: (63)(78 ) 844-1987
It envisions a world in which all children realize their full potential in societies which respect people's rights and dignity.
It strives to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life of deprived children in its target areas through a process which unites people accross cultures and adds meaning and value to their lives by:
Enabling deprived children, their families and their communities to meet their basic needs and to increase their ability to participate in, and benefit from their societies;
Fostering relationships to increase understanding and unity among peoples of different cultures and countries; and
Promoting the rights and interests of the world's children.
To contribute to the empowerment of communities for sustained development
To meet the basic needs first, and improve the quality of life of children and provide a base for all other development initiatives
To facilitate environmental management for sustainable development
To achieve meaningful, high quality communications
Human resource development
Community-based health care
Sustainable economic development

Saint Louis University Extension Institute for Small Scale Industries Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: SLU-EISSIF, Inc. Type of Organization: NGO; Research/Academe; Private/Entrepreneural Head of the Organization: Erlinda T. Manopol Designation: Executive Director / Vice President Address: C-106 CCA Bldg., SLU Campus, Bonifacio St., 2600 Baguio City Telephone No.: (63)(74) 443-9573 Fax Number: (63)(74) 442-2842
The Foundation envisions to create a full grown tree of more self-reliant communities in the Baguio-Benguet area.
To bring about a more equitable distribution of income through strong programs in entrepreneurship, small enterprise development, community credit projects and community organizing.
To mobilize, train, organize and assist the Foundation's growing clintele of micro, cottage, and small enterprises and associations in the region.
Activities and Programs
Offers seminars and mini-courses on subjects useful for small enterprise owner-manager.
Publications to meet the information needs of small businessmen.
Provides consultancy services on areas such as personnel, financial and marketing management.
Spearheads dialogues among entrepreneurs belonging to the same industry to motivate them to get together and work out solutions to common problems.
Conducts feasibility studies for businesses that need to be appraised and for people desiring to go into or expand their businesses.
Community-Credit Programs (CCP)
Small Enterprise Development Project (SEDP)

Socio-Pastoral Action Center Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: SPACFI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Fr. Norberto Ochoa Designation: Executive Director Address: Baldovino Ave., Camambugan, Daet, Camarines Norte TeleFax No.: (63)(54) 721-1510 Email Address: spacfi@orbit.com.ph
St. Francis Center for Aurora IntegratedArea Development
Acronym: SFC-AIAD Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Eliseo Ruzol Designation: Executive Director Address: St. Francis Center, Baler, Aurora Tel. No.: (63)(1041) 044552-4286
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Bohol Integrated Development Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: BIDEF Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Rev. Fr. Romeo A. Dompor Designation: Executive Director Address: 39 Hontanosas St., Tagbilaran City, Bohol Tel. No.: (63)(38) 411-2871 Fax No.: (63)(38) 411-4455 Email Address: bidef@mozcom.com
Bol-Anon Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: BFI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Carlos S. Echavez Designation: Executive Director Address: 2/F DBP Bldg., CP Garcia Ave., Tagbilaran City 6300 Telephone No.: (63)(38) 411-4587ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION
An institutionalized Boholano community capable of sustaining development
To catalyze a sustaining socio-economic and cultural development through and with the close collaboration of the people including government (GOs), and non-government organizations (NGOs).
To establish viable and functional community organizations in the province that can generate profitable and worthwhile livelihood undertakings along the concept of sustainable development.
To serve as a vehicle for community development in the island province of Bohol
To increase productivity and income of target communities where the households are able to - Meet the basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, health and education - Generate savings for investment opportunities - Actively participate in community undertakings
To develop responsible community leaders and members able to facilitate and sustain the delivery of programs are services that are geared roward community development
To effect technology transfer and provide assistance in skill training
To serve as conduit for financial assistance to target clientele
To undertake research studies and project that will enhance community development
Programs and Services
Community organizing
Cooperative Development
Sustainable agriculture
Education and training
Social credit

Cebu Biodiversity Conservation Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: CBCFI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Ms. Charito Chiu Designation: Project Manager Address: 41 Edison Street, Lahug, Cebu City Telefax No.: (63)(32) 231-7146 Email Address: cbcf@gsilink.com
Cebu Uniting for Sustainable Water Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: CUSW Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Fr. Margarito M. Alingasa, SVD Designation: Executive Director Address: 2nd Floor EADSC Building, 35 Lopez Jaena Street, 6000 Cebu City Telephone No.: (63)(32) 255-5626 Fax No.: (63)(32) 414-9316 Email Address: cusw@mozcom.com Website Address: http://www2.mozcom.com/~cusw http://www.sdvillage.ph/water/cusw.htm
Goal and Mission
CUSW’s mission is to establish a more sustainable approach in protecting, managing, and developing Cebu’s water resources. CUSW aims at:
Formulating and institutionalizing an integrated land use plan and resource management policy guidelines;
Establishing an institutional mechanism to implement and enforce these policy guidelines, and provide for continued monitoring, evaluation, and re-planning;
And enhancing the quality of life of residents in protected areas through resource management activities.
During several dialogs leading to the creation of CUSW, concerned groups discussed organizational and sectoral positions, interests and views on watershed management. This led to the compilation of the 12-point framework of watershed management, outlined below, which will serve as the guide in drafting the resource management and land use masterplan.
Integration of watershed communities;
Respect of prior rights over "Alienable and Disposable" lands;
Protection and promotion of biodiversity;
Adherence to a watershed resource management plan;
Use of biodegradable and non-toxic substances;
Installation of potable water contamination, atmospheric pollution and noise reduction control systems;
Installation of environmentally-efficient waste management systems;
Respect for the dynamism of local culture;
Promotion of human security agenda;
Incorporation of a method of measuring social impact;
Non-discrimination of local residents; and;
Extended accountability of project developers.

Chito Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: CHITO Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Eduardo O. Labares Designation: Executive Director Address: #1, 20th St., Capitol Subd., Bacolod City, Negros Occidental TeleFax No.: (63)(34) 433-4105
Foundational Center, Inc.
Acronym: FCI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Annie Cynthia C. Corpin Designation: Executive Director Address: 35 Real St., Tacloban City Tel. No.: (63)(53) 325-6267 / 325-5906Fax No.: (63)(53) 325-5103 Email Address: fci@mozcom.com
Friends of the Wilderness for Tropical Rainforest Campaign, Inc.
Acronym: FOW, Inc. Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Roem L. Delleva Designation: President Address: P.O. Box 313, Bacolod City 6100 Sta. Maria St., Carmela Valley Homes, 6115 Talisay, Negros Occidental Fax Number: (63)(34) 433-2873ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION
To promote the principles which achieve ecologically sustainable communities
To empower people to realize these goals
To work through lawful means
To produce and make available information, slides, and video presentation, booklets and other educational reading materials about the environment;
To encourage and facilitate concern actions of individuals and in groups with the view to helping reverse the present environmental degradation;
To provide forum through seminars and workshops where the rural people would have the opportunity to learn and study situations and issues affecting them and their future so that they could have a concrete knowledge of the basic reasons for their deprivity and how they could combat it;
To provide leadership training for grassroot people so that in the future, new group of leaders could emerge who are committed to the cause of the poor and their struggle for social transformation;
To conduct educational campaign in different social campuses, public centers and rural areas from time to time promoting for greater understanding of conservation and environment;
To provide means for the use of practical and indigenous farming methods such as green manuring, crop rotation, contouring, use of herbal medicines and organic fertilizers and minimize the use of commercial fertilizers and pesticides; and
To conduct a weekly tree planting activity in different denuded watershed areas of Negros Island and other parts of the archipelago.

Geoplan Cebu Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: GEOPLAN Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Dr. Karl P. Traub Designation: Manager Address: c/o Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Gov. M. Cuenco Avenue, Banilad, Cebu City Telephone No.: (63)(32) 411-4580 / 2316209 Fax Number: (63)(32) 231-6209ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION
To cater to the needs of planners and decision-makers in providing geographic data using GIS.
To use GIS as a decision-support system to facilitate better better spatial planning in the Philippines, particularly Cebu.
Satellite Image Applications - processing and analysis of digital and hardcopy images from different satellite platforms as requested by clients
Professional Consultancy - Training on concepts in Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing - Training on GIS applications - Provision of Turnkey-systems including on-site training and backstopping services
Feasibility studies regarding the utilization of GISs for various implementing organizations
Advice on GIS implementation
Evaluation and appraisals of GIS projects and related fields
Provision of Training Facilities for outside users

Guiuan Development Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: GDFI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Margarita D. dela Cruz Designation: Executive Director Address: c/o 184 P. Zamora St., Tacloban City
Movement for Enlightened, Vigilant Endeavor Towards Liberalization from Injustice and Oppression
Acronym: HUBLAG EVELIO, Inc. Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Susima Q. Nermal Designation: Executive Director Address: Ancores Bldg., Nietes St.,San Jose, Antique Tel. No.: (63)(36) 540-9605
Katin-Aran Center Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: KC Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Prof. Feli A. Sustento Designation: Executive Director Address: Central Philippine University, Jaro, Iloilo City TeleFax No.: (63)(33) 320-3021
Lihok Filipina Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: LIHOK FILIPINA Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Teresa B. Fernandez Designation: Executive Director Address: 102 P. del Rosario Extension, Cebu City Tel. No.: (63)(32) 254-8092
Leyte-Samar Rural Development Workers Association, Inc.
Acronym: LABRADOR FOUNDATION, INC. Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Eusebio M. Abenio Designation: Executive Director Address: 15 Kalipayan Road, Sagkahan, Tacloban City TeleFax No.: (63)(53) 321-3645 Email Address: isbi@tac.weblinq.com
Mag-uugmad Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: MFI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Leonardo A. Moneva Designation: Executive Director Address: Rm. 41, 4th Floor, Ted Manreza Bldg., F. Ramos St., Cebu City Tel. No.: (63)(32) 253-3474 Fax No.: (63)(32) 412-5617 Email Address: mfi-cebu@mozcom.com
Plan International Cebu Philippines
Acronym: PLAN Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Michael A. Reynaldo Designation: Program Unit Manager Address: #2 Col. R. Torralba St., Lahug, Cebu City Telephone No.: (63)(32) 231-4928 / 231-0461 Fax Number: (63)(32) 231-0466 Email Address: p-cebu@plan.geis.com
PLAN envisons a world in which all children realize their full potential in societies which respect people's rights and dignity.
PLAN strives to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life of deprived children in its target areas through a process which unites people accross cultures and adds meaning and value to their lives by:
Enabling deprived children, their families and their communities to meet their basic needs and to increase their ability to participate in, and benefit from their societies;
Fostering relationships to increase understanding and unity among peoples of different cultures and countries; and
Promoting the rights and interests of the world's children.
Children should live in communities with the organization and capacity to:
· Secure household tenure
· Plan and construct housing to standards than ensure the safety, health and security and privacy of children
· Access affordable financial and material resources to meet habiatat requirements including housing
· In the long term, effectively manage and protect their shared natural resources and prevent deterioration of the physical environment
· In the long term, provide adequate access to basic services and facilities essential for the survival and development of children
· Respond to and mitigate the dangers posed by hazards, pollutants and disasters.

Paghidaet sa Kauswagan Development Group Foundation
Acronym: PDG Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Atty. Benjamin T. Ramos, Jr. Designation: Executive Director Address: Sitio Mohon, Brgy. 1, Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental TeleFax No.: (63)(34) 471-2573 Email Address: pdg@lasaltech.com
Participatory Research and Organization of Communities and Education Towards Struggle for Self-reliance
Acronym: PROCESS Panay Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Wilfredo J. Homicillada Designation: Executive Director Address: 31 Avanceña St., Iloilo City Tel. No.: (63)(33) 337-7386 Fax No.: (63)(33) 337-1688 Email Address: process@iloilo.net
Pagtambayayong Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: PFI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Erma C. Ramos Designation: Executive Director Address: 102 P. del Rosario Extension, Cebu City Tel. No.: (63)(32) 253-7974 Fax No.: (63)32) 254-8051 Email Address: pagtamba@cnms.net
Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. - Enterprise in Collective System in Environment Management for the Province of Cebu
Acronym: RAFI-ECPI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Luis P. Misa Designation: Executive Director Address: 35 Lopez Jaena St., Cebu City 6000 Fax Number: (63)(32) 253-2380ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION
Communities that are empowered to rise above poverty, complacency and despair in a collective effort to achieve genuine development that is sustainable, benefiting not only the present generation but the future generation as well.
The emergence of self-reliant communities by helping them acquire greater control over their critical resources, easier access to basic services and a larger role in defining their relationship with other communities and the country as a whole.
To act as resource management institution that enables communities in the province of Cebu to identify, design, implement, evaluate and sustaining self-reliant efforts in responding to their needs.
To provide viable opportunities towards the alleviation of poverty and the conservation, rehabilitation and protection of the environment in the province of Cebu.
Best market for products established.
Agricultural productivity increased and sustained.
Land tenure arrangements rationalized.
Health and sanitation conditions improved.
Project implementation carried out according to plan and needs.
Organizational capability developed to a sustainable level.
Program thrust/directions/plans among other NGOs and COs clarified.
Human resource development (HRD) be made functional.

Soil and Water Conservation Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: SWCF Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: William G. Granert Designation: Executive Director Address: 32 Bonifacio St., Cebu City ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION
The promotion of responsible natural resources projects through parcitipatory, cooperative and community-building efforts, and empowering human resources as the key.

St. Catherine Family Helper Project, Inc.
Acronym: SCFHPI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Alberto C. Aquino Designation: Executive Director Address: L. Rovira St., Bantayan, Dumaguete City TeleFax No.: (63)(35) 225-1643 Email Address: scfhpi@cvpc.edu.ph
Samar Kauswagan Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: SKFI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Atanacio C. Bernadit Designation: Executive Director Address: Brgy. Guin-on, Calbayog City Tel. No.: (0918) 6800336

South Pacific Area Development Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: SPIADFI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Beverly C. Capeña Designation: Executive Director Address: Hinudayan, Southern Leyte TeleFax No.: (0912) 8888344 (c/o Leo Hatud)
Save the Children Foundation
Acronym: SCF Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Diosdado P. Mendoza Designation: Program Manager Address: 3rd Floor "M" Bldg., JBLC Foundation Compound, M.H. Del Pilar St., Iloilo City Tel. No.: (63)(33) 337-1688 Fax No.: (63)(33) 335-0575Email Address: scwvpo@skyinet.net
Visayas Cooperative Development Center
Acronym: VICTO Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Edgar V. Comeros Designation: Executive Director Address: 2 Cong. M. Zosa St., Capitol Site, Cebu City Tel. No.: (63)(32) 253-3145 Fax No.: (63)(32) 253-3153 Email Address: victo@mozcom.com Website Address: http://www.cebu-online.com/coop-victo
Unfolding Growth of Man Through AlternativeDimensions Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: UGMAD Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Ma. Lourdes C. Coles Designation: Executive Director Address: 1230 V. Rama Ave., Guadalupe, Cebu City TeleFax No.: (63)(32) 253-2541 Email Address: ugmad@mozcom.com

University of San Carlos - Water Resources Center
Acronym: USC-WRC Type of Organization: NGO/Academe Head of the Organization: Fr. Herman Van Engelen, SVD Designation: Director Address: USC-WRC, Talamban Campus, Nasipit, Talamban, Cebu City 6000 Telephone No.: (63)(32) 344-0523 / 346-0583 Fax Number: (63)(32) 346-4615 / 346-0583 Email Address: wrc@mangga.usc.edu.ph Website Address: http://www.usc.edu.ph/research/wrcABOUT THE ORGANIZATION
Reliable potable water in the reach of everybody
Implementation of the Dublin Statement on Water and Sustainable Development
Technically sound inventories and evaluations of fresh water resources
Adequate protection of these resources
Enlightened and empowered organizations of these resources
Efficient and durable collection and distribution systems for potable water (from handpump to water district)
To produce well-trained and committed professionals (engineers, scientists, social workers, welldrillers, plumbers, etc.) who can avail of reliable databanks (population, hydrogeology, meteorology, geography, etc.) appropriate equipment (laboratory and field) and a decent income.
design and operation of hydro-metric networks
hydro-meteorological monitoring which involves the collection of rainfall, evaporation, streamflow, temperature, humidity, solar, and wind data among others
groundwater monitoring and modeling with special attention to sea water intrusion
water resources evaluation and management
well designing and drilling supervision
aquifer evaluation
planning, designing and execution of environmental impact assessment (EIA)
planning, designing and execution of watershed management studies and projects
planning and designing of drainage systems for towns and subdivisions
spring evaluation and development
designing and construction supervision of water tanks and rain collection systems
planning, designing and construction supervision of small to medium scale water supply systems for towns and industries
development of data management procedures
development of customized computer programs for basic hydrologic statistics, steamflow analysis, drainage and water supply networks
geographic information systems (GIS)
training, including planning, designing and management of water-realted topics for specific interest groups
teaching of hydrology, water supply, and other water-related subjects in the civil engineering undergraduate curriculum of the USC

Uswag Development Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: USWAG Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Didi R. Quimpo Designation: Executive Director Address: L. Barrios St., Kalibo, Aklan Tel. No.: (63)(36) 2623059
Visayas Network Development
Acronym: VISNET Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Mrgr. Jose I. Borces Designation: Chairperson Address: Room 305, GMT Building, P. del Rosario St., Cebu City Telephone No.: (63)(32) 254-3766 Fax Number: (63)(32) 254-3608
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Associates for Community and Rural Development, Inc.
Acronym: ACORD Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Redeemer Ubalde Designation: Executive Director Address: Dr. Vicente Velez St., Apovel Subdivision, 9000 Cagayan de Oro City Tel. No.: (63)(88) 350-1433

Associates for Integral Development Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: AID Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Rogelio Fabe Designation: Executive Director Address: G/F UCCP Bldg., Lopez Jaena St., 8600 Butuan City Tel. No.: (63)(85) 342-9387 Fax No.: (63)(85) 342-9572
Appropriate Technology Center
Acronym: ATC Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Rachel V. Polestico Designation: Executive Director Address: Xavier University Agriculture Complex, Manresa Heights, 9000 Cagayan de Oro City Tel. No.: (63)(88) 858-8962 Email Address: rpolestico@cc.xu.educ.ph
Davao Medical School Foundation - Institute of Primary Health Care
Acronym: DMSF-IPHC Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Luz Divina Canave-Anung Designation: Executive Director Address: PO Box 251 Circumferential Road, Bajada, 8000 Davao City Tel. No.: (63)(82) 226-2344 Fax No.: (63)(82) 221-3527 Email Address: iphc@dv.weblinq.com

Foundation for Growth and Organizational Upliftment for People, Inc.
Acronym: GROUP Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Adelaida S. Mabaylan Designation: Executive Director Address: Gate 5 Macaibay Compound, 9000 Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City Tel. No.: (63)(88) 858-6197 Email Address: groupinc@oronet.com.ph

Foundation for Integral, Sustainable and Holistic Community Development, Inc.
Acronym: FISHCODE Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Guillerma C. Dagani Designation: Chairperson Address: 3/F Baclayon Bldg., San Pedro St., 8000 Davao City Telephone No.: (63)(82) 224-1428
To become an autonomous social development agency capable of giving substance and meaning, through participatory approach, the attainment of genuine social transformation and sustainable development.
To strive that every marginalized Filipino be accorded, as a matter of right, the basic necessities of life such as food, clothing, shelter and access to health care and education.
To initiate livelihood programs and cooperative endeavors
To develop an alternative system of education that seeks to raise the level of conciousness of the people
To institute mechanisms to help assist urban and rural poor communities acquire land at affordable cost and the provision of low-cost housing
To promote awareness for the management and protection of the environment

Josefa Segovia Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: JSFI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Teresita R. Infante Designation: Executive Director Address: 423 Lupo Diaz St., Davao City Tel. No.: (63)(82) 227-9758 / 295-0051

Kalusugan Alang sa Bayan, Inc.
Acronym: KAABAY Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Dr. Jean Suzanne Lindo Designation: Executive Director Address: 4B Duplex Apt., Dau St., Juna Subdivision, Matina, 8000 Davao City
KAABAY envisions a society where there is empowerment for the people and health for all.
KAABAY being a health institution responds principally to the issues of health situation and the development of effective health care system. The institution shall take an active part in establishing an effective health care system by enhancing the capability building of health human resources and developing and supporting health programs and organizations.
To enhance the capability human health resources
To develop and establish health programs and activities and would-be needs of the communities and organizations
To support and complement existing health programs and activities in the context of peoples' concerted efforts towards a just and humane society
To develop and provide health/human resources for urban and rural communities and organizations
To facilitate and support organizing of CHWs, health professionals and students
To conduct research and documentation of relevant issues in health that would bring about objective basis for advocacies, decision-making and policies, program or project implementation
To provide relevant and sustainable health services to rural and urban communities and organizations
To develop linkages with individuals and different health and health-related programs, agencies, institutions at the local, national and international
Strategies and Programmes
Education and Training
Research and Advocacy
Health Services
Health Program Consultancy
Program Sustainability

Kaanib Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: KFI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Paul Richard A. Paraguya Designation: Executive Director Address: Taino-Pacana St., 9000 Cagayan de Oro City TeleFax No.: (08822) 724901
Kahayag Foundation,Inc.
Acronym: KAHAYAG Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Ruth S. Montojo Designation: Executive Director Address: 121 University Aven., Juna Subdivision, Matina, 8000 Davao City TeleFax No.: (63)(82) 297-3240
Kapwa Upliftment Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: KAPWA Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Alma dela Paz Designation: Executive Director Address: 427 Durian St., Juna Subdivision, Matina, 8000 Davao City Tel. No.: (63)(82) 296-2781 Fax No.: (082) 64866

Kinaiyahan Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: KFI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Onie A. Tabaco Designation: Executive Director Address: c/o Atty. Jude Ralph Yap Residence, Km. 5, J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City TeleFax No.: (63)(82) 221-5418
To foster liberating sustainable development based on people's perpectives
To evolve, promote and popularize a ralistic concept of sustainable development based on the Mindanao people's perspectives
To facilitate people's actions towards this end

Maguindanao Development Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: MDFI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Dausay Daulog Designation: Executive Director Address: Boyscout Bldg., Alunan Aven., Koronadal, 9506 South Cotabato TeleFax No.: (08322) 83004 Email Address: mdfi@mozcom.com

Mindanao Environment Forum, Inc.
Acronym: MEF Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Dennis I. Salvador Designation: Chairman/President Address: #1 North St., DBP Village, Maa, Davao City 20 A Garcia Heights, Bajada, Davao City Telephone No.: (63)(82) 221-4293 / 298-2063 / 299-1309 Fax Number: (63)(82) 298-2757
MEF envisions Mindanaoans as a community of peoples embracing the responsibilty of nurturing the environment towards the sustainable development.
MEF commit themselves to:
· Adopting an environment conscious lifestyle;
· Promoting active people's participation;
· Responding to ecological and sustainable concerns;
· Assisting and supporting community-based organizations to deal with environment concerns; and
· Working in solidarity with other groups on the regional, national and international levels

Mt. Apo Science Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: MASFI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Antonio M. Pilapil Designation: Executive Director Address: Eden-Bayabas, Toril, Davao City Telephone No.: (63)(82) 221-0095
To provide education to children of poor families
To introduce models of agricultural education, land development and food production

Misamis Occidental Federation of Cooperatives
Acronym: MOFICO Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Jose Loreto O. Proscianos, Jr. Designation: Executive Director Address: Cooperative Village, Gango, Ozamis City TeleFax No.: (63)(88) 521-3378 Email Address: mofesco@ozamis.com

Muslim Christian Agency for Rural Development
Acronym: MUCARD Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Imelda D. Ganaden Designation: Executive Director Address: #12 11th-15th St., Nazareth, 9000 Cagayan de Oro City TeleFax No.: (08822) 728542 Email Address: mucard@oronet.com.ph

Mainland (Mindanao) Development Center
Acronym: MDC Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Luzviminda B. Salcedo Designation: Executive Director Address: Door 1, Napasindayao Apt., D. Ponce St., 8000 Davao City Tel. No.: (63)(82) 227-7633
Mindanao Grassroots Development Institute
Acronym: GRADE-IN Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Sr. Romualda D. Jatico Designation: Executive Director Address: Cor. Kitanglad St., Patag 6th Division, 9000 Cagayan de Oro City Telefax No.: (63)(88) 73-5794
Network for Environmental Concerns, Inc.
Acronym: NECI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Romeo A. Banaynal Designation: Executive Director Address: 61-A 7th St., Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City 9000
To promote environmental awareness and conciousness in society
To foster harmony between natural resource utilization and environmental conservation geared towards the attainment of a balanced ecology capable of promoting, nurturing and sustaining human life
To manage conservation-based and environmentally friendly projects in behalf of private groups or the government, funded locally or international
To update and support government in identifying issues and conserns towards the setting up of policies complementing environmental thrusts
To undertake information dissemination and exchange of technical data, experiences, expertise and resources related to or affecting the environment to government and various sectors of society
To link up various DNGOs efforts on environment
To provide technical and consultancy services for environmental resource management
To promote community-based initiatives and environmentally sound sustainable livelihood endeavors
Programs and Services
Environmental Resource Management
NGO Technical Capability Enhancement
Land Resource Inventory, Appraisal and Management Consultancy
Advocacy Program for Environment
Enviromental Forum
Government Liaison
Research and Documentation

Notre Dame Business Resource Center Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: NDBRCFI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Bro. Robert McGovern, FMS Designation: Executive Director Address: Notre Dame of Dadiangas College, Marist Ave., General Santos City 9500 Telephone No.: (63)(83) 552-3252 Fax No.: (63)(83) 552-5400

Sidlakang Dabaw Development Foundation
Acronym: SIDLAKAN Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Vergie Blanco Reyes Designation: Chairperson Address: 3/F Baclayon Bldg., San Pedro St., Davao City Telephone No.: (63)(82) 224-1428
It envisions the revival of paradise lost by creating a self-sufficient community through self-reliance by utilizing indigenous human resources and following an alternative lifestyle.
To assist indigenous community to protect and manage local resources that can be transformed to livelihood projects for sustainable development
To see happy people living in a balanced environment, that could lead to a LAUGHING MINDANAO
To be able to attain sustainable development

South Cotabato Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: SCFI Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Belen S. Fecundo Designation: Executive Director Address: Integrated Development Center, Alunan Ave., P.O. Box 7875, Koronadal, South Cotabato Telephone No.: (63)(83) 228-2687ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION
The poor communities of SOCSARGEN and Sultan Kudarat have organized and pooled their limited resources to achieve productive and sustainable development goals.
To develop long-term partnership with the underdeveloped communities of SOCSARGEN and Sultan Kudarat and transform them into sustainable communities.
To establish sectoral groups and to implement socio-economic programs among the sectoral groups of Upland/Lowland farmers, fishermen, and micro-entrepreneurs to help them become sustainable communities.
To develop functional working relationships with government and non-government agency through formal linkage for resource exchange.

Surigao Sur Organization for Human Development, Inc.
Acronym: SSOFHDEV Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Radigundo E. Rivas Designation: Executive Director Address: 2 F Kikoy Plaza Bldg., Quirino St., Tandag, Surigao del Sur 8300 Tel.No.: (63)(86) 211-3381 Cellular phone: (0918) 483-4416

Technology Outreach and Community Help Foundation, Inc.
Acronym: TOUCH Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Virginia S. Pacunio Designation: Executive Director Address: Abellanosa-Vega Sts., Consolacion, Cagayan de Oro City 9000 Tel. No.: (08822) 724663 Email Address: touch@oronet.com.ph

Xavier Agricultural Extension Service Institute ofMarket Analysis and Rural
Acronym: XAES-IMARD Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Nestor R. Carbonera Designation: Executive Director Address: Almagro Compound, Ipil, Zamboanga del Sur 7001 Tel. No.: (63)(62) 333-2410


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